Why Allergy Treatment Is So Important to Better Health and Wellness

Allergy treatment is huge business for drug manufacturers, but this masking of the true cause of theses sensitivities leaves us dependent on expensive chemicals to mask what’s happening in our body and the reason behind it. Taking a holistic and natural approach to allergies can yield new insights and produce long-term results that increase our health and well-being.

Ever notice how scientific accidents can change the course of history? Teflon was discovered by Roy J. Plunkett, while he was trying to develop a new gas for refrigeration and got a slick substance instead, which was used first for lubrication of machine parts. Scotchgard, is a 3M brand of products used to protect fabric, furniture, and carpets from stains, and it was discovered accidentally in 1953 by Patsy Sherman. One of the compounds she was investigating as a rubber material, that wouldn’t deteriorate when in contact with aircraft fuel, spilled onto a tennis shoe and would not wash out; she then considered the spill as a protectant against spills. Sometimes this same serendipitous occurrence happens in holistic healing

Well the same “lucky” accident happened to Dr. Devi Nambudripad. She was allergic to almost all foods except rice and broccoli. One day she accidentally at a few pieces of carrot while waiting for her rice to cook and her broccoli to boil. It only took a few minutes for an allergic reaction to consume her body. Thinking like a holistic healer/superhero she asked her husband to get her acupuncture needles. She inserted the needles performing a self treatment. She awoke 45 minutes later feeling much different, with high energy instead of the sick, wiped out way she usually felt after an allergic reaction. She looked down to see that she was still holding bits of carrot. Her brain and body had been reprogrammed by the acupuncture treatment while the allergic substance was in her energy field. When she treated herself with other allergy producing foods and had similar results she knew she was on to something.

One technique for allergy detection is called A/SERT (allergy/sensitivity elimination and reprogramming technique). By holding on to a vial containing a potential allergen while simultaneously giving massive amounts of input into the nervous system, in the form of spinal and cranial adjusting, laser, percussion, color and sound therapy, the body has the opportunity to become reprogrammed thus reducing the sensitivity to that allergen. It is important to remember that each patient responds at their own rate. It may take several sessions with a practitioner you choose to show positive results.

Another more conventional approach taken to remove allergy/sensitivities from the body is the elimination diet. You may have heard of this diet in many nutrition textbooks. It entails adhering to a diet that has very few or no common allergens. No dairy, no wheat gluten, no peanuts etc. It is a very stringent diet. After being on this diet for a period of several weeks the suspected foods are added back into the diet one at a time and symptoms are monitored by the doctor and patient. If allergy/sensitivity symptoms recur that particular food is permanently eliminated from the diet. Here is a warning from a fellow compulsive eater… the foods you are most attracted to are usually the ones you are extremely sensitive to. Changing your diet or eliminating certain foods may be emotionally challenging, but your body and your life will be transformed.

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